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Masks - TAMC Guideline

Tamatea Medical Centre Mask wearing guideline. This guideline was developed on the premise of keeping our staff and vulnerable patients safe.

Patients who exhibit signs of cold / flu and / or respitory compromise are required to wear a mask.

Anyone who is feeling vulnerable is also advised to wear a mask. You may choose to wear a mask at any time if you wish.

Communication for General Practices
& Doctors regarding Te Whatu Ora's International Recruitment Campaign


Aotearoa New Zealand is facing a current and forecasted workforce shortage of GPs. There are a decreasing number of GPs in the medical workforce, with many nearing retirement and reports of increased workload stress. The need to fill vacancies across the country is urgent.

One of the ways Te Whatu Ora has responded to the global workforce shortage is with the establishment of the International Recruitment Centre (the IRC), in October 2022.

The IRC is in its infancy with pilot projects such as the Mental Health and Addictions pilot trialling the services available through the IRC for external organisations. It is acknowledged that with the launch of large scale, whole-of-country projects, there is the need for regular communications. Hauora Taiwhenua and Te Whatu Ora have committed to keeping the sector informed through regular communications.

This communication is designed to clarify the roles of the IRC and that of Hauora Taiwhenua in the recruitment of international GPs who come through the Make a Difference Somewhere Different attraction campaign.

What is the role of the International Recruitment Centre?

  • The IRC is dedicated to attracting internationally trained migrants and New Zealand trained
    ex-pats to live and work in Aotearoa.
  • The IRC is running a dedicated campaign targeting GPs abroad.
  • Te Whatu Ora offers a streamlined, candidate-centred service with the aim of removing
    barriers and stress wherever possible in the move to Aotearoa New Zealand.

What is the role of Hauora Taiwhenua?

  • Hauora Taiwhenua will manage any contacts from international GP’s that are considering a
    move to New Zealand through this campaign.
  • NZLocums and NZMedJobs, a division of Hauora Taiwhenua, will facilitate placement of
    their identified GPs into general practices, both urban and rural.
  • Hauora Taiwhenua will work with Te Whatu Ora, Primary Health Organisations (PHOs)
    and general practices to support a seamless journey for GPs wanting to work in Aotearoa.

What are the expected results of this campaign?

Note that recruitment campaigns, in particular digital campaigns, take time to build in the marketplace. Realistically, we cannot expect to be filling large numbers of GP vacancies in the short term. Taking into consideration the usual timeframes of recruitment of medical workers into Aotearoa New Zealand, we expect that any significant change in the status of number of vacancies open and number filled will not be seen for 9-12 months, however, the process of hiring international GPs is much shorter when compared to training GPs domestically from scratch.

Is there room for other primary care clinicians to be placed through campaigns run by the IRC?

There is the potential for inclusion of other primary care clinicians in addition to GPs to be supported in this whole of system approach. The IRC is currently testing out different ways to refer and support international candidates, professional groups, and specific health sectors. e.g. rural health.


For more information contact:

Luke Baddington, Kaiwhakahaere Matua Kaimahi | GM Workforce Recruitment
Tel (+64) 4495 5871 | Cell (+64) 22 0850 437 | Email: luke.baddington@nzlocums.com